Irish Knitting & Crochet Blogs 2013


This site has been sadly neglected but now that the Nominations for the Blog Awards Ireland are open it’s time to ensure that you know about the active Knitting and Crochet blogs so you can nominate a few.

We still do have plans for the site but they’re taking us a while to sort out to our satisfaction and keep our jobs going as well. Life sometimes gets in the way

This will be an ongoing list starting with those knitters who are on Ravelry, if no language is mentioned it’s in English, some of these people are people who blog but not necessarily about knitting.  Any blog with a * contains knitting or crochet content on the first page, or in the tags associated with the blog.  If a blog had this I haven’t removed it in the latest edit.

If anyone wants themselves removed from this list please inform us and we will take you off.

a year is the last year postings are on the site and the * is posts within the last 4 months, edited 15th June 2013  so since February 2013)  This has been heavily edited, any blogs that require invites or say that they’re available for sale have been eliminated.  Folks who have moved away from Ireland have also been eliminated.  I’ve done my best to update links as best I can, secondary links, like etsy shops have not always been checked.

Active 2013

2Knit or not 2Knit * who blogs in Polish now updates to facebook & twitter in English Etsy Shop here (2013*)

Alves Passos (blog in Portugese and English) (2013)

An Apology for an Idler * (2013*)

Ankonymous * (2013*)

An Snag Breac Beo * (2013*)

Anula’s Kitchen (2013*)

Aoibhe Ni Etsy Shop here (2012)

Aranbrew * (2012)

A view into my world* (2013*) <-New

Awneekins (2013*)

Bakes, Cakes and yummy stuff (2013*)

BeckyDazzler (2013*)

Bola de Berlin * blogs bilingually in Portuguese and English (2013*)

Broken Wheel Deal* (2013*)

Bundana Begins Dressmaking (2013*)

Buzz and Lola* (2013*)

Cattapilla Designs * Etsy Shop here (2013*)

C B Lindsay (2012)

Celtic Knots* (2013*)

Celtic Memory Yarns * (2013*)

Chebe (2013*)

Chocolattebutton* (2013*)

Clarita * blogging in French (2013*)

Clasheen Feltmaker (2013*)

Celio’s Musings * (2013)

Clones Lace Blog * (2013*)

Colour and Ink* (2013*)

Constant Knitter * (2013*)

Corcra Irish Handmade Accessories* (2013*)

Craft Cottage (2013*)

Craft Lee * (2013*)

Crafts on the Rise * (2013)

Crafty Alley * (2012)

Crafty Tails* (2013*) <-new

Cuada Designs (bag business site)

Daisychain Crochet * (2012)

Dancing Threads Studio (gallery site)

Dispatches from the Deise * (2013*)

Doodlemoose (2013)

Doogarry * (2012)

DragonDays Black and White photography (2013*)

Dragon’s Crafts* (2012) <-new

DroimAnUan * (2013*)

Dublin Knit Collective* (2013*)

Duilleoga (2012)

Eclectic Stash * (2012)

Edel’s Book & Beauty Blog (2013*) <-new

Eden’s Lace * (2013*) <-New!

Electronic Sheep (commercial knitwear site)

Etsy Ireland (2013*)

Fibre Friends (2013*) <-New

Finding home with you (2013)

Fionnuala Barrett (2013*)

Flutterbyes * (2012)

Fly Along * 2013*)

Froggy’s Craft * (2013*)

From Sheep to Shawl * (2013*)

Fuzzyballfibrearts * (2013*)

Gaskills Etsy Shop

Gingerpixel Photography (2013*)

Grace Tierney’s Writing (2013*)

GwenTaylor *(2013*)

Handcrafted by LillySmuul * mostly in Estonian  but also occasional English (2013*)

Handmaiden of Adonai (2012)

Havelock the Hunter’s Lair * (2013*)

Haz Wool Will Knit * (2013*)

Hellie Anseo * (2012)

Herborium (2013*)

Hooks Law * (2012)

Hydrangea Girl (2013*)

I Captured it *(2013*)<-new

I Feel Crafty* (2013*)<-New

Irish Historical Textiles (2013*)

Julle’s World * (2013*) Blogs bilingually in Spanish & English

Kat B’s All things Beautiful * (2013)

Knit, Inc * (2013*)

Knit/Lab* (2013*)

KnitKnuts Etsy Shop

Knit Middleton * (2013*)

Knitting Neels * (2013*)

L Hogan * Etsy shop here (2013*)

La Creature and You (2013*)

Laura Eliason * (2013*)

Let’s Knit and Stitch * (2013*)

Limerick “Live” in German (2013*)

Little Green Buds (2013*)

Little Hare * (2013*)

Little Hobbits* (2012) <-New

Lunamatic * (2013*)

Mabel Makes * (2013*)

Magpeye (2013) <-new

Margie’s Crafts * (2013*)

Me, Etc. * (2013*)

Meandering Tripe (2013*)

Meli Bondre* (2012)

Michelle Made This *Etsy Shop here (2013*)

Mikki’s Sasha Dolls (2012)

Miss Aine * Etsy shop here (2013*)

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland * blogged in Swedish and English (2013*)

Ms. Walsh’s Weblog * (2013*)

Nadia’s Nice Bags Etsy Shop

NicKnits * (2013*)

NicMags* (2013*) <-New

Niria,in (2013*) <-new

One of those Days * (2013*) bogging in Irish and English

Petticoat Rebellion (2013*)

Pirate Knits* (2013*) <-New

Phoenix Rose Blog * (2013*)

Quantrail (2013*)

Playing with Fi(b)re * (2013*)

Rubysasha * (2013*)

Sabrina Dent (web and other design) (2012)

Sapidum * (2013)

Scratch Card Junkie (2013*)

Selkie’s Crochet* (2013*)

Sen Nocy Letniej * Blogging in Polish (2013*)

She Knit up That Ball * (2012)

Shinypurpledistraction’s Blog * (2013*)

Shoots Knits and Leaves* on Etsy here (2013*)

Spring Stitches * (2013*) who adds “I also write two other blogs, one of which is about life in Cork City as a knitter and foodie: And another is recipes and cooking with the rare mention of knitting: ”

Starving Artist Ink Etsy Link here (2013*)

StitchLily * (2013*)

Stolen Stitches * (2013*)

String Revolution * (2012)

TBunny * (2012)

Tess Dennison Design

The Coffee Break * (2013*)

The Nest *Etsy Shop Here (2013*)

The Prune Tree* (2013*) <-New

There where is Soleil * (2013*)

Things that strike me * (2013*)

This is Knit * (2013*)

Timothy Dowling* (2012)

Tricia’s Craft Box * (2013*)

Turn to the Music* (2013*) <-New

Turtleknits * (2013*)

Twisted Stitches* (2013*)

Under Me Oxter * (2012)

Unnaturally Red (2013*)

Valentina’s Room * (2013)

Watermemory* (2013*)

Weekend Base * (2013*)

Wendy’s Stuff * (2013*)

Where People Create (2012) and also Amg Arts (2013*)

Wire Wrapped Jewelry (2013*)

Woolly Bits – Everything textile * (2013*)

Woolly Gathering * (2013*)

Woolly Way * (2013*)

Wyvernfriend Knits * (2013*)

Yarnboi’s Blog * (2013*)

Yarn Classes * (2013*) * (2012)


Not in since June 2013

Amazed Knitter’s Patterns * (2010)

AndAmpersand (2011)

Bohemian Hooks * on etsy here (posts undated to day, but month dated 2012*)

Brenyes (weaver) (2010)

Carbonfootprintproject Spinner (2011*)

Chronicles of Yarnia * (2010)

Cinnamon Patrol (2010)

Ciorcal Comhra blogging in Irish & English (2011*)

Clickety Knits * (2007)

Clodagh Samantha Higgins

Conscious Craft * (2010)

Craft Obsession * blogging in Polish Etsy Shop here (2011)

Crafty Dogs * (2010)

Creative Diary (2011)

Dixie Stix * (2011)

Dreaming * (2009)

Dreamknit (2011)

Dublin Mom (2009)

Eliza Jane Pio * (2012)

Fell in Love with the Drummer (2011)

Felting my way across Kerry * (2012)

FibreSpirit *(2011)

Finding Home *(2011)

Fionaviola’s Weblog (2012)

Food and Wool * Blogging in French (2011*)

Frilly Knickers and Woolly Socks (2008)

From Crook to Hook * (2008)

Gaiety Girl Etsy Shop Here (2012)

HandSpunHeart * (2012)

Happy Banshee * (2009)

Happy Chain Reaction * (2012)

Hollytron * (2011)

Humble Pie is 0 Calories eat up! * (2011)

I get up, I walk, I fall down * (2010)

Irish Muses (2011) Blog Closed

Irish Peach (2010)

Irish Twi Sisters Twilight fanfic (2011)

It had better be good (2009)

Jewel and Darling* (2012)

John the Bad (2012)

Just a Minute * (2010*)

Just following Dreams* (2011)

Kellie’s Knitted Hats (2011)

Knittin’ it is * (2010)

Knitting Elizabeth (2011)

Knitwasabi * (2011)

Life, as I know it (2009)

Lilla Chinamengri Killamengri (2010)

Little Millie and Me (2011)

Lizzy Likes Craft * (2011)

Maethebear (2011)

Maisiehandspun Shop on Etsy here (2010)

Malcom’s World Tour 2009 * (2010)

Mam Made* (2010)

Margaret Walsh Felts (2011)

Mendozy * (2009)

Morg Today * (2012)

Motherland Japan (2009)

Neen Crochet* (2012)

Niamh’s Knitting * (2010)

Niniville (2010)

Pie in the Sky Crochet Creation * (2010)

Pippablue (2012)

Puppies, pickles and Strawberry Milkshakes * (2008)

Quinn Demolition Inc * (2009)

Rachael’s Knits * (2011)

Relodie’s Silly Knitz * (2012)

Runcible Spoon Food Blog (2012)

Safetyfox knits socks * (2009)

Skirtfryde * (2012)

Skuldmakesstuff* (2012)

SlickFixation (2011)

Springwools * (2011)

Squiggly Giggles * (2011*)

Su2ie Knits * (2009)

Sweeter than ben and jerry (2010)

Tea and Cakes * (2012)

The 1:29 project (2011)

The Bohomama (2011)

The Knitter’s Ball * (2010)

The Mermaid Undine (2011)

The Midnight Knitter * (2010)

This and That * (2011)

This Trampoline Leads to Heaven (2010)

Too Good to be True * (2008)

U Agaty * in Polish (2010)

Up to my lack-of-tonsils (2011)

Very Valerie * (2010)

Whildchild (on Deviantart) (2009)

Winona Queen Etsy Shop here (2011)

Woolly and Wild Etsy Shop *

Yarncat * (2010)

Zaya’s Ratatouille blogging bilingually in French & English (2010)


Crafty Blog Update 24th-30th October


I would like to welcome any new readers, and thank old ones for visiting, we’re not that old and we hope to continue to do this as time allows.

If you know of any blogs that should be included please contact us by email or a post on this or the Irish Knitting, Crochet and crafty blogging post. The same goes if you want to be removed.  If you are included in our updates please mention if you want to be removed from there too.  Please note that neither I or SineadR do this as a full-time job, and allied to that our jobs actually restrict our webtime.  We will do our best to get stuff done as soon as possible but that may take a few days or hours.  In order to optimise my trawling I have noted the last date posts are visible on sites, I only check every month or so on ones that haven’t updated in the last four months.   Again, if you know of a dormant blog that has resurrected, feel free to tell me.

You may notice that some posts from Sunday 31st get included, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous week.

And now on to the roundup.

Akka Design has some shots of some blue Jugenstil artwork on some buildings

An apology for an idler finds some annoyance on the internet

An evening Wasted With has illness interrupt her weekend and reviews a book from Project Gutenberg

An Snag Breac Beo has some inspiring photos of the season and some amusing Crochet and Knitting

Aran Brew makes some Sloe Gin

Basil Explosion has a Bat Headband

Becky Dazzler admits to her love of the Olsen Twins and shows the new little print dress

Bohemian Hooks shows off a crochet soft beret, another beret; what I think is more a cowl than a beret; definitely a cowl; another beret and another cowl

Bola de Berlin’s son has his first time in the local park and makes another cowl for a friend while neglecting to make one for herself

Carbonfootprintproject mentions a hurricane hat; finishes up the open studio and looks for input; mentions the opening ceremony and conference in Letterkenny and talks about more climate change indicators

Cattaphilla Designs admits to Bloggers Block

Chebe finds us and describes us as awesome *blushes*

Chicwithstix links to the Glee Timewarp and talks about colour theory

Clasheen talks about nuno felt scarves; posts some pictures from her accessories workshop and has some blog frustrations (with a plea for help)

Daffodils and Dandelions prepares for Halloween

Dispatches from the Deise talks recession, finishes some socks and some other stuff

Doogarry starts a new blog; goes to the knitting & Stitching show and has some fun over the midterm break

Dragonstardays is happy to have a new vacuum cleaner and photographs a shopping centre with a unflat parking space

Dublin Knit Collective mentions a knitting job opportunity and asks how people did at the Knitting & Stitching show

Duilleoga goes to the Knitting & Stitching show and shows some loot

Etsy Ireland has their weekly Crafty News Desk; introduces Designbirdie; talks about Pop-up-shop possibilities; has a treasury challenge; talks about the Ferocious Mingle Market; has a Halloween Fab Five on Friday; and mentions a part of the Knitting & Stitching show

Fly along has some finished socks and makes a handspun dog jacket

Food and Wool revives her blog during October with a finished baby blanket and mittens and plays with a new Bread Machine

From Sheep to Shawl shows off a blue Needle felted jacket; has a Pampootie making workshop and someone models their pampooties

Happy Heart=Happy Soul makes some Golf Club Covers

Haz wool will knit does a roundup of recent projects

Herborium does some yoga illustrations and does a seasonal negative painting

The Muses does a tour of her area; posts news about her leg; makes a pillowcase; receives a pair of parcels and talks about Samhain and shows some pictures of finished objects and some prizes

Kirsti posts a picture of animal cruelty

Knit Inc is in Florida and I am jealous!

Knitting Neels talks about patience and Favourite Things

Laura Eliason talks about a new magazine and some projects

Lets Knit and Stitch has some patterns for the novelty yarn Can Can

Margie’s Crafts makes a long doll

Michelle Made This posts about some knitting paintings; reminds us that Kirsty is back with her Kirsty’s Homemade home and has some Halloween inspiration

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in  Ireland talks about neglecting her blog and building loot from IKEA

Morg Today had a dude day; gets Christmas fabric and there’s more dinosaurs and makes a Parasaurolophus

Neencrochet makes a Chanel inspired skirt and a poncho

NicKnits has a graphic example of blocked versus unblocked and displays a swatch necklace

Pippablue blog from the Knitting & Stitching Show

Playing with Fi(b)re finishes up some Innocent Smoothie Hats and about Autumn

SheKnitUpThatBall gets some yarny photographs while out and about; posts about a new pattern (which reminds me, must finish off test knit properly and PHOTOGRAPH it properly: Wyvernfriend)

Starving Artist Ink has some thoughts

Stitchlily talks about not going to the Knitting & Stitching Show

String Revolution went to the Knitting & Stitching show and made a thing

TBunnyKnits goes to the Knitting & Stitching Show and shares some photos

The Mermaid Undine wonders if her audience is her inspiration and does a Halloween Mine picture

Things that strike me talks about renting; offers a bit of music; points at a bit of better journalism on the downturn; rants about Bankers and leaving the EU for US; talks about France in 2010 and the way to her heart

This is knit offers a sneak peek at their stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show and makes an announcement about Sunday and Monday’s opening hours

Thread Bear’s Picnic talks about boot weather and bespoke laces and the Knitting & Stitching Show

Turtleknits posts some more pictures of France and shows some Finished Objects

Undermeoxter blogs more about Rhinebeck; Sheep to Shawl competition; the Colours of Rhinebeck and varieties of Pumpkins

Wirewrapped shows an Art Nouveau or Secession inspired piece; a red steampunk egg; Big Blue Heart; Jasper Pendant

Woolly Knits has good and bad news

The Woolly Way of Ireland has an update on the Knitting & Stitching Show (I think I blogged this last week, but just making sure); A Dyeing Fabric and Thread workshop in Cork; A multicultural Women’s Quilting Group in Coleraine; A Quilt exhibition in Northern Ireland on the Human cost of war (with some associated workshops) and The Cottonwood Tree shop in Kildare

WyvernfriendKnits I explain why I didn’t go to the Knitting & Stitching show this year

Yarn Classes has another dive on the Crochet Reef (they’re also looking for a home for this!) and does a haunted Trail Trial

Looking at posts there will be more about the Knitting & Stitching Show next week!

Craft blog update 3rd-9th October

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Akka Designs has some interesting photographs of Barcelona, Weekend Walk 2; Weekend Walk 3; Weekend Walk 4

An Evening Wasted with finishes socks and bakes, cooks and parties; Lists her September reading; Misses sock knitting

Ankonymous customises a macbook

Aranbrew talks about knitted comfort

Basil Explosion links to the Happiness Project; posts some amazing food she’s found this week; talks prototypes and presents; has some photographs of Marlay Park and celebrates John Lennon’s Birthday

BeckyDazzler has some photographs that while summer are slightly wintry

Bola de Berlin photographs a knitted beehive hat

Carbonfootprintproject talks sock kits and graphs to think about

Cattaphilla has a little rant about early Christmas and sadly says goodbye to her Welsh Collie

Chebe talks about bash string variable mangling and new lillypad components

Chicwithstix talks about social knitworking and has some interesting points

Clasheen talks about a San Francisco workshop and shows some results

Daffodils and Dandelions tries to encourage herself to ignore the beauties of autumn to do needed paperwork

Dispatches from the Deise has alternator trouble on the trip back from Dublin

Dragondays has some Donegal Anchor pictures

DroimAnUan rounds up her September and start of October with a long post

Duilleoga has some adventures in Wool and wishes that things weren’t all doom and gloom

Etsy Ireland has their Crafty News Desk; a new Derry Market; shows some team treasuries; has some amusing suggestions for crafty activities for politicians; changes it’s Dublin Meeting venue; has a floral fab friday and has tea and chat with Rachel from Balanced

From Sheep To Shawl has an upcycled foxford blanket front and back needle felted and made into a coat

Half a Dream Away has a montage of photographs from a new craft shop in Glasgow; a sweet penguin photo; and has a lovely green hill photo (your editor does admit to a bias towards her photographs)

Irish Muses announces her Miniatures in Minutes winner; talks about a new giveaway ; wins an earlier competition from the same site; is still happy the next day and talks about another competition

Kizuta visits the Aran Islands on a holiday

Knit Inc (who also works with this blog) finishes another cloth and a sock

Knitting Neels looks like her current project is nearly finished and swatches

Limerick Live is looking forward to a holiday in Bremen (in German, google translate is my friend)

Little Hare enjoys the small things

Miss Aine has a preview of new patterns

Morg prepares for an exhibition

Neen teaches some crochet and makes some hats and talks about breast cancer

Pippablue talks about new Amy Butler Laminated cotton

Playing with Fi(b)re shows off some hats

Selkie’s Crochet has a delivery from Springwools and new fingerless gloves and talks about the effect being featured on a treasury can have on Etsy sales

She Knit up that Blog moves her blog to here has a grand opening post; has a grey baby jacket and a multi-coloured cuff-to-cuff jacket; her announcement of the move is here with some housekeeping details from the old blog

Slickfixation admires some Azzaro Spring designs

Springwools talks Breast Cancer patterns and a I’m hot for Vampires Scarf kit

Starving Artists Ink talks about autumn and life and the simple things

Stitchlily talks about a Film Job

String Revolution talks about what she does.

The Bohomama is busy

The Nest works on the studio; and harvests a last rose

Things that strike me talks political reform; is not impressed with the 10:10 environmental campaign; Saw Jean Michel Jarre at the O2 (about which I’m jealous! ed.) has an unpleasant experience clothes shopping and visits past cosmetics and perfumes finding both good and bad there

Thread Bear’s Picnic celebrates her yarn-plosion; searches for a lost project and designs a new crochet sock

Valentina’s Room shows some Collages of some stuff she’s done

Wendy’s Stuff has to add a captha (we seem to be creating some traffic for people! Sorry that it’s causing problems but glad that the project is working! ed.) and reworks the end of a cloche

Amg-Arts has a video of a guest book

Woolly Bits has some fo’s, some spinning, some harvesting; plays with textiles and talks about mixed colours and designing placemats

The Woolly Way of Ireland talks about the Golden Fleece Award; Delightful Digital Cushions; a Workshop with Carol Feller that was on yesterday; A Batik workshop with the National Print Museum; Reflections of an Indian Journey talk; Needle Felting for beginners course in Kerry and a Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair in Dun Laoghaire

Yarn Classes has new classes starting next week

Because the next update will be on the 16th

Stolen Stitches has a competition for the last pattern to go into her new booklet

As always we are always willing to remove people from the list or add anyone else you think should be here!

Irish Knitting, Crocheting and other crafty Bloggers/websites

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This will be an ongoing list starting with those knitters who are on Ravelry, if no language is mentioned it’s in English, some of these people are people who blog but not necessarily about knitting.  Any blog with a * contains knitting or crochet content on the first page, or in the tags associated with the blog.

If anyone wants themselves removed from this list please inform us and we will take you off.

a year is the last year postings are on the site and the * is posts within the last 4 months, edited 16th January 2011 so since September 2010)

2Knit or not 2Knit * who blogs bilingually in Polish & English Etsy Shop here (2011*)

A Handmade Greentopia * (2008)

Akka Design * Etsy Shop here (2011*)

Amazed Knitter’s Patterns * (2010*)

An Apology for an Idler * (2011*)

An evening wasted with… * (2011*)

An Snag Breac Beo * (2011*)

Ankonymous * (2010*)

Anula’s Kitchen (2011*)

Aprilstar Artisan Studio * (artfire site)

Aranbrew * (2011*)

Armargos (an animal charity site)

As the World Falls Down (2011*)

Backpedalbrakes (2010)

Baked Beats (music site)

Basil Explosion * (2011*)

BeckyDazzler (2011*)

Bloomsday Flowers (a florists)

Bohemian Hooks * on etsy here (posts undated to day, but month dated 2010*)

Bola de Berlin * blogs bilingually in Portuguese and English (2011*)

Brenyes (weaver) (2010)

Brona Design Studio (this site will resize your browser and if you click through it will open another window, I will not be visiting this site to check for updates)

Burren Stained Glass Art (business site)

Carbonfootprintproject Spinner (2010*)

Cattapilla Designs * Etsy Shop here (2011*)

Cazknits * (Commerical knitting)

Celtic Knots* (2010*)

Celtic Memory Yarns * (2010*)

Chebe (2011*)

Cinnamon Patrol (2010)

Ciorcal Comhra blogging in Irish & English (2010*)

Clarita * blogging in French (2010*)

Clasheen Feltmaker (2011*)

Clickety Knits * (2007)

Clones Lace Blog * (2010*)

Colour and Ink* (2011*)

Conscious Craft * (2010)

Constant Knitter * (2010*)

Craft Obsession * blogging in Polish Etsy Shop here (2010*)

Crafty Alley * (2010*)

Crafty Beans * (2009)

Crafty Dogs * (2010)

Crochet Lingerie * Gallery site

Cuada Designs (bag business site)

Daffodils and Dandelions * (2011*)

Dancing Threads Studio (gallery site)

Dispatches from the Deise * (2011*)

Dixie Stix * (2010*)

Doogarry * (2010*)

DragonDays (2011*)

Dreaming * (2009)

DroimAnUan * (2010*)

Droopy Drawers * (knitted items shop)

Dublin Mom (2009)

Dublin Knit Collective* (2011*)

Duilleoga (2010*)

Edel McBride * (Designer site)

Electronic Sheep (commercial knitwear site)

Eliza Jane Pio (2009)

Etsy Ireland (2011*)

Feanor Crafts * (2011*)

FibreSpirit *(2010)

Finding Home *(2011*)

Fionaviola’s Weblog (2010)

Fishcraft Etsy Shop

Flutterbyes * (2010)

Fly Along * on Etsy here (2010*)

Fondeli Fair (undated discussion group)

Food and Wool * Blogging in French (2010*)

Frilly Knickers and Woolly Socks (2008)

From Crook to Hook * (2008)

From Sheep to Shawl * (2011*)

Fuzzyballfibrearts * (2010*)

Gaskills Etsy Shop

Gaye Mulholdand Design (graphic designer)

Gingerpixel Photography (2010*)

Grace Tierney’s Writing (site won’t allow easy links)

GwenTaylor (Graphic Designer promo site)

Half a Dream Away* on Etsy here (2011*)

Handcrafted by LillySmuul * mostly in English but also occasional Estonian (2011*)

Handmaiden of Adonai (2011*)

HandSpunHeart * (2010)

Happy Banshee * (2009)

Happy Heart = Happy Soul*(2011*)

Havelock the Hunter’s Lair * (2010)

Haz Wool Will Knit * (2011*)

Hello (tubmlr site, no dates)

Herborium (2011*)

Hollytron * (2011*)

Hooks Law * (2010*)

Humble Pie is 0 Calories eat up! * (2010*)

I get up, I walk, I fall down * (2010)

Irish Muses (2011*)

Irish Peach (2010)

Irish Twi Sisters Twilight fanfic

It had better be good (2009)

Jewel and Darling* (2010*)

John the Bad (2010*)

Julle’s World * (2010*) Blogs bilingually in Spanish & English

Just a Minute * (2010*)

Kat B’s All things Beautiful * (2010*)

Kersti Tatter! (2011*)

Kizuta’s Crafts Corner * (2011*)

Knit, Inc * (2011*)

Knit/Lab/Welcome * (Designer site)

KnitKnuts Etsy Shop

Knittin’ it is * (2010)

Knitting Elizabeth (2010*)

Knitting Neels * (2011*)

Knitwasabi * (2010*)

L Hogan * Etsy shop here (2011*)

La Femme Sparkle (2011*)

Laura Eliason * (2011*)

Let’s Knit and Stitch * (2011*)

Life, as I know it (2009)

Lilla Chinamengri Killamengri (2010*)

Limerick “Live” in German (2011*)

Little Hare * (2011*)

Little Yarns * (2009)

Living in Ireland * (2009)

Lizzy Likes Craft * (2009)

Lunasa Knits * (2010)

Maethebear (2010)

Maisiehandspun Shop on Etsy here (2010*)

Malcom’s World Tour 2009 * (2010)

Mam Made* (2010)

Margie’s Crafts * (2010*)

Margot Cullen

Me, Etc. * (2008)

Mendozy * (2009)

Michelle Made This *Etsy Shop here (2011*)

Mind of Mindi * (2009)

Miss Aine * Etsy shop here (2011*)

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in  Ireland * blogged in Swedish and English (2011*)

Morg Today * (2011*)

Motherland Japan (2009)

Ms. Walsh’s Weblog * (2011*)

Neen Crochet (2011*)

Niamh’s Knitting * (2010*)

NicKnits * (2011*)

Niniville (2010)

O’Neill Knits * (commercial knitting site)

Petticoat Rebellion (2010*)

Pie in the Sky Crochet Creation * (2010)

Pippablue (2011*)

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Sabrina Dent (web and other design)

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Irish Designers

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Currently limited to Irish (or Irish resident at least) Designers on Ravelry all links are to ravelry, except blog links.  Commercial means that they were published in a magazine, book or are available for purchase online; magazine or book publications may be out of print and unavailable at the moment. Designers reserve the right to change availability without notice, status was correct at time of writing

Anon Any has Fluttering Flames for free

Agnese Vajevska has the free Dragonfly Vest and Hobbit Dress She’s originally from Latvia but resident in Cork

aileen has several, she’s Knittingneels Blog:

Commercial: Helsinki Tank; Marshmallow Houndstooth; Moebius; February Sock Pattern; Apple Strudel; White Heat; Apple Crush; Fluffy Cuffs; Rosy Shrug

Free: Hands Up; Beret Easy; Zissou Hat; Irish Wellington Socks

Beataka of Fly Along blog has two patterns designed for her yarns- Undercover and Abalone, both free

TBunnyKnits of TBunny Blog has three: Haze Shrug; Scribble Mitts and Angel Hairband all for free

Aranbrew has a Chic cabled headband

Basilexplosion has a cabled scarf

CaroBellaCaro of the An Snag Breac Beo Blog has several patterns Knit your own Drugs; Peas on Earth; Giant Daisy Headband; Stone Wall Socks and Rudbeckia Flower are free and Dynamite Bomb has a donation in the cost to MAG – Mines Advisory Group, whose work includes clearing landmines.

caroline30 has several patterns Aleanbh; Eilis and Cable Sleeve Cardi are free. Commercial: Liadan; Siofra; Fidelma; Nollaig Mor; Clodagh; Eibhlin Mor; Nollaig; Eibhlin; Eithne; Abaigeal; Caoimhe; Diarmuid; Grainne; Aoife; Blathnaid; Caitlin; Maire; Baby cardigans two options; 2 option baby cardigan; Basic Baby Cardigans 2 options

CrochetCreation has a blog Pie in the Sky Crochet and Easy Chain Link Scarf for free

DaniB has Loopy Caplet for free

Dubspinner of HandSpunHeart blog has for sale: Roll-brim beanie; Horned Viking Helmet; Yurt hat with Ridge Detail; Felted Fat Chick; Loose Knit Festival Beret

fibermeister has eyepods available for free

flick of the Threadbear Blog has several available

Free: Tullow, Falling Stars; Rose Rock; Luna Lovegood’s Radish Earrings; Free Bee; Ophelia; Lazin’ Wine Glass Charm; Emer’s Rose Garden Scarf; You Spin me Right ‘Round

Commercial: Dragonesque; Etain Shrug; Surrey the Little Mouse; Boyne; Dragon Skin Gauntlets; Oxidise; Patrick the Thread Bear; Penny Feather Gloves; Signal Lights; Thread Bear’s Hat Pack 1; Rasta Kitty; Spring Picnic Hat; Beyond the Sea Commemoration; Mobius; Rapunzel; Beyond the Sea Hat; Strips of Bacon; Tullow; Cosy Cuffs; Boelyn

fondeli who has a blog at FondeliFair has Big Knit Hat and Marbel Phone/Iphone sock

IreneLundgaard who blogs at YarnClasses has Cosy Tea Belly; The Bookworm; Roundel Scarf; Sheila’s Coffee Cozy; Rainbow Scarf; Juicy Banana Silk Scarf for free.

Commercial: Moonlight; Juliet’s Hyperbolic Crochet Scarf; Hyperbolic Ashford Beanie; Swirly-Whirly Winter hat; Cool Spring Beanie and Scarf; Nic’s Noro Neck Twist; Noro Neck Twist wrap; Kilcarra Crochet Cosy Neck Wrap; Flared Cuff Winter Mittens; Rainbow Beret

Jagienka of the bilingual 2 knit or not 2 knit has Ocean Waves; Otulenie Neckwarmer and Maja for sale and for free but in Polish: Wzorzyste skarpetki

Kemberlee of From Crook to Hook blog has Noro Moss Stitch Scarf; Ruffly Crochet Scarf; Crochet Pinwheel and Crochet Socks for free

kneehigh of Sheknitupthatball Blog has the Little Cookie Cardi and Here Comes Treble for free

knitlab of the Kieran Foley Blog has many patterns available

Free: Cold Mountain; Latvian Vest; Pencil Case for Darfur; Seascape Stole; Fair Isle Rapids

Commercial: Gilded Shoulderette; Ribcage; Europa; Teardrop; Parrot; Blackbird; Three Stranded Scarves; Turbulent Indigo Stole; Emily Dickinson; Sound of Waves; Harry Clarke; Iceland; American Gothic; Nomad; Experimental Ornamental; High Seas; Inland Sea; Crocodile; Pine Cones; Three Lace Scarves; Aegean; Minimal Lace Scarf; Aran Lace Stole; Diamond Stripe; Serpentine; Concertina; Scandinavian; Cartouche; Fair Isle Fans; Fair Isle Feathers; Fair Isle Chevrons; Fair Isle Ribbons; Fair Isle Folklore; Fair Isle Breakers; Fair Isle Plumage

LisaThisIsKnit of has Simple Lace Shrug; Swish Scarf Party Lace Scarf for free and cute as one button for sale

Littlefellers of has many patterns available

Free: Iced; Siesta; Doddy

Commercial: Leitmotif Cardigan; Eilonwy; My Little Precious; Adrift; Teacup Pinafore; Azami; Mendel; Captiva Wrap; Braided Wrap Tunic; Casadh; Centrique; Terry’s Pullover; Midnight Shrug; Ziggy Zag; Trellis and Vine Pullover; Fisherman Twist; Beaufort; Double Glazed; Summer Affair; Trilo; Cayman; Quimper; Raspberry Layers; Laced Leaves; Anna Maria Tank; Fritillary; Cinnamon Bay; Amelie Gilet; Necco Wafer Hoodie; Lime with a twist; Pick ‘n Mix; Eleanor

LittleYarns of Littleyarns has for sale Christmas No 2; Christmas No 1; Arthur; Matilda; Max Monkey; Holly Hippo; Ernie Elephant; Superhero Flash; Superhero Star; Chloe Cow

Lunasa whose website is Lunasaknits Copper cables Scarf, Shady Socks and River Valley Scarf are all free

LZOH has Lacy Cleavage Cover; Little Bear Appliqué/pin/fridgie; Contoured Coat Hanger Cover

missaine who blogs at Miss Aine has

Free: Lily; Jellybean Dinosaur; Cabled hand warmer; Mini Easter Bunny; Pompero Striped Hat; Twisted Rib Hat; Little Red; Doll’s Party Dress; Miss Mouse; Moss Stitch Bag; Valentine Wand; Piggywig; Bow Bag; Fred the Squirrel; Pixie Hat; Christmas Tree Star; Billy Blueberry; Simple Garter Stitch Baby Hat

Commercial: Toddler Tom; Gretchen; Little People – Dress Up; Little People – Enchanted Wood; Lovebug; Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper; Bo and Lori; Humpty Dumpty; Dressing Up Doll; Blossom Buds; Clown; Kelly; Kish; Spring Sheep and Lamb; Bob and Babs the Spring Lambs; Ballerina; Irish Dancer; Kapoor; Sophie; Evie; Happy Hedgehog and Evil Owl; Bobble, Squeak and Pierre; Blanket bear; Mini Christmas Tree Trims; Fairy Godmother; Flower Baby; Bunny in Coat

neencrochet who blogs as NeenCrochet has Daisy Chain Necklace; Victorian Pinkie; My Pumpkin’s Hat; Bliss; Twisted Shawl all for free

Nic at NicKnits has Ashford Cowl for free and Miss Potter Mittens/Miss Potter/Beatrix Mittens; Cushendale Wrap; for sale

owlsocks whose website is VegFrugalHousewife has Leverett available for free

rubysasha of RubySasha blog has for Free: Kiltipper Scarf; Ardrum Scarf/Wrap; Aylesbury Shawlette

commercial: NicEoin Scarf/Wrap; Druminchin Shawlette; Katydid Kerchief; Glenlara Shawlette

StephaniesYarn of The Yarn Room has the Kilcarra Striped Teacosy and the Yarn Room Twist available for free

thatsknittastic has the Koolhaus Mitts available for free

timiat of DixieStix Blog has the Lava Flow Cowl; the Ho(o)t Coffee and Irish Breakfast available for free

UnderMeOxter of UnderMeOxter Blog has Doh!-Nut for free

whirl123 of Wendy Verbruggen Blog has Graduation Socks; iCozy and xkcd Pillow for free

Some Irish Yarny Ravelry Groups – Non-Shops

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Many of these groups have information about meetups and shops in the areas. Yes the categories are a little loose and I’ve probably got things wrong in some instances, feel free to comment and I will correct as I can. I haven’t sorted these in any real order and the only Irish group I didn’t include are groups that were for an event that has passed.  There is a second post coming shortly about shops/businesses

General Groups

One of the biggest ones is the Irish Knitters Group they have some exellent resources there, in the pages tab you will find Irish Knitting Charities; Irish Knitting Groups and Irish Knitting Shops which also has a link to the Google Knit Map of Ireland.It is also home to the infamous End of Aran Knitters Thread that tries to dispel some of the myths about Aran knitting, it also includes some discussion of current Irish Knitting.  Please be aware that many of the “local” posters are pretty tired of this thread and will pounce on people who make sweeping statements that include “I didn’t have time to read all the posts on the thread but…”

Irish Spinners is for Irish Spinners of all levels

Crocheters in and around Ireland like it says, for Irish and Irish orientated Crocheters.

If you’re looking to practice Irish and knit (chniotáil) or Crochet (chróise) in Irish, you might want to try the Gaeilgeoirí ar Ravelry group

Regional Groups

The Dublin Knit Collective Group is often an expansion of the Dublin Knit Collective Blog also posts on Twitter; this is a good one-stop shop for whats happening in Dublin and various posts about the Sock challenge and Dublin happenings.

Shebeens is a group for the South-West

Rainbow Stitch ‘n’Bitch is based in Limerick

Cork Stitch & Bitch is based in Cork

Wicklow Knitters are based in Wicklow

Cafe Create are based in Galway

Norn Iron Knitters are based in Northern Ireland

Belfast Stitch & Bitch a group in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The No 1 Ladies Knitting Group are based in Wexford

Smaller meetup/activity groups

Fiber Fun Friday is the group for the fortnightly meetup in the Tea Garden in Dublin

Chronicles of Yarnia an extension of the Witty Knitters who meet in Celbridge Co. Kildare they have a blog

Lisburn stitch-n-bitch is a group that meets in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Annual Groups

Innocent Smoothie Big Knit Group

St Patrick’s Day Celebration note calling it St Patty’s in this group will lead to online mutterings and high blood pressure among Irish folks, please avoid.

Irish Charity Groups

Utando are a group who make handmade dolls for the children of KwaZulu-Natal, whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS

Isands group a group who create burial wraps and gowns for early loss babies

Other Irish Groups or Irish founded groups that have an international slant

The Irish Book Group

Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Reef this started as a single event and seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Blogging here

Labradoodle Knitters founded by an Irish person it shows up when you search for Irish groups in Ravelry

Fans of Emmerdale another Irish founded group

Magic Mums group