I would like to welcome any new readers, and thank old ones for visiting, we’re not that old and we hope to continue to do this as time allows.
If you know of any blogs that should be included please contact us by email or a post on this or the Irish Knitting, Crochet and crafty blogging post. The same goes if you want to be removed. If you are included in our updates please mention if you want to be removed from there too. Please note that neither I or SineadR do this as a full-time job, and allied to that our jobs actually restrict our webtime. We will do our best to get stuff done as soon as possible but that may take a few days or hours. In order to optimise my trawling I have set up a Netvibes Page for the blogs this is not foolproof and I may miss updates but it’s been better than some of the other options.  I have also decided that if a blog posts more than about 10 or so posts in a week I’m just going to link to the site, unless something in particular catches my eye that’s very craft related.
You may notice that some posts from Sundays have been repeated, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous week.

An Evening Wasted With finishes a pair of socks; posts february reads and ponders knee socks

2 Knit or not 2 Knit talks about Fat Tuesday on the POLetsy blog

An Apology for an Idler shares a video and shares finished socks

Ankonymous talks about home towns

Aran Brew makes some fingerless gloves

As the World falls down has several posts

Basil Explosion explains some of her absence and shows a shot of a beautiful vista

Beckydazzler goes to a Swatch event and gets a new swatch watch

Cattapilla Designs takes part in a Photo Scavenger hunt; wishes everyone a happy St David’s Day; shares flowers; has a blooming Friday and has a bit of a rant

Celtic Knots makes a few more cards and a finished quilt

Chebe talks about how sometimes people become closeminded even about opensource and makes some flowers with LEDs

Clasheen makes a small felted vessel and the Horst workshop is almost booked out; shares some felting photographs; talks about CRAFTed and spring lambs and shares some of the CRAFTed projects

Colour and Ink shares 7 things about her; a touch of sparkle to welcome march; makes a thank you card; makes a shabby vintage card; makes an enjoy the ride card; thanks for a link and makes another card

Crafty Alley talks about it being March

Dispatches from the Deise is happy with election results and shares some Road Art

Dragon Days wishes everyone a happy St David’s Day and photographs a restoration project

Etsy Ireland talks about Etsy Chat; does their crafty news desk; introduces new members; shares Irish Treasuries; talks about making hexagons; has a fab five on Friday and announces this year’s St Patricks Day competition

Feanor Crafts shows off their new addition and has an announcement for millinery class attendees

Fly Along has some matched mismatched socks

Green Waves greets spring and celebrates a moment

Half a Dream away photographs a market; tea pots; poinsettias and blossoms

Haz wool will knit wishes everyone a happy St David’s Day and talks about solutions to Knitting Problems

Herborium paints some Almond Blossoms and a chillian bellflower

High Function has several updates

Irish Muses makes a new hearts potholder; nominates her March Star; posts about someone who deleted her blog (accidentally) and some OWOH wins, surprises and her kitchen shelves

Kay B finishes the purple Houndstooth skirt

Kersti shares her tweet week

Knit Inc finishes a project, and makes project plans and reviews the latest Vogue Knitting

Knitting Neels has some FOs and some WIPs

Laura Eliason thanks people for coming to the launch and creates a container for a quality of retreat

Limerick Live has to do some ripping

Maethebear makes a 101 things to do in 1001 days list and posts a Jonathan Safron Foer video

Michelle Made This is glad it’s spring; talks about health benefits of Knitting and finds a strange egg

Miss Aine starts feeling better; starts a KAL; has a family day at a playground

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland sponsors a sheep and meets sheep and sees spring flowers

Morg Today links to a John Bramblitt video; first match of the season and plays pokemon white

NicKnits is having Yarn Passion

RubySasha finishes a birthday present and starts a Juicy Danish Tie Shawl

She knit up that Ball talks about her weekend; a teapot cozy; talks about fair-trading your housework; a lady in Red and has a fair trade giveaway

Springstitches is tending her ill laptop

Springwools are looking for new staff; like their Facebook Fans and show their March Desktop Wallpaper

Stitchlily talks about textile madness in Munster

Stuff and Nonsense thinks about moving the blog and shares some photographs

The Constant Knitter gets some new yarns in

The Runcible Spoon makes Choc Chunk and Cinnamon cookies

The Siegel Six has several posts

This is Knit talks about their Finishing Knitting Class and an amazing Crochet Wedding Dress

Thread Bear’s Picnic wishes everyone a happy Monday and declares herself a bad girlfriend

Tim Dowling finishes a space invaders woolly hat

Up to my lack-of-tonsils confesses her love of Ladybirds

Valentina’s Room does an update about stuff and crafty markets

Wirewrapped does an oval steampunk pendant; a crystal teardrop; a rectangle steampink pendant; some steampunk hearts; red steampunk egg II; a double colour steampunk pendant and goes to the Woman Factor Festival

Woolly Way of Ireland talks about seamless exhibition; a thread softly exhibition; the official opening of the Sewing Shed in Kerry; coral reef on the move; talks about International Woman’s Day

Wyvernfriendknits finishes a pair of socks

Yarn Classes makes her yarn postcard