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You may notice that some posts from Sundays have been repeated, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous week.

And now on to the roundup. Apologies for the delay in the first post of the year but between Christmas and a computer malfunction I didn’t get a chance to do the update until today.

2Knitornot2Knit has a Christmas Wish

Akka Design makes a Tartan Scarf; wishes everyone a happy 2011 and gives a sneak peek of her haircut

Amazed Knitters Patterns had a slippy end to the year

An Apology for an Idler has a bunch of thoughts; makes a triblodite; photographs a Turtle in a pirate costume; talks about the Henry Bear Blanketeers; links to an post on sides

An Evening Wasted with has a busy day; gets caught by the weather; once again has a bad travel day; decides to start her holidays early; talks about the Christmas buildup and her preparations ; gets some books as presents and gets some more with a voucher; sees that a stash is starting; winds down the year with family and friends; lists her December reads and finds that the holidays disappeared without much notice

An Snag Breac Beo has a return of snow

Ankonymous hopes it won’t snow more and has a fluffy co-worker

Anula’s Kitchen makes Stolen and shares the recipe

Aran Brew wishes readers Happy Christmas; finishes some WIPs; and more WIPs done; has some New Year’s Wishes and looks back at the previous year’s resolutions; reviews 2010; awards her Golden Pint Awards and starts the year sew sew

Basil Exposition talks about a week’s reading; hopes for a white Christmas; makes some Shortbread; lists some gifts they made and part II of gifts

BeckyDazzler is caught in Cambridge by the snow; gets some boots for Christmas; says hello to 2011; and lists some makeup must haves

Bola de Berlin’s son has has his first Christmas

Cattaphilla Designs wonders if they will have a white Christmas; has a very long day; wishes everyone a Happy New Year; adds a splash of colour to the season; has an idea about a what I made this month post

Chebe has links to some sewing dictionary; decides to change her blog attribution; has her Muslin 1; muslin 1.b; bodice mockup 2 and makes a passport cover

Clasheen shows pictures of a pink bag; has some snippets; wishes everyone Happy Holidays; has more snippets; photographs the Artlink Project; has a day-long workshop on felt flowers; talks about Flu and Felt and is wrapped in merino

Craft Obsession makes some Art Yarn and has a review of the stuff made over the year

Daffodils and Dandelions wishes everyone a happy new year and finishes a top for her daughter and finds that some technology has left her behind

Dispatches from the Deise talks about Socks, scarves and Snowflakes; wishes everyone a happy Christmas; wishes everyone Happy Christmas from a waterless Waterford; reflects on water and goes from hairshirts to hippie hats

Dixie Stix talks about not liking Christmas and about learning about life from IKEA

DragonDays photographs a silver Christmas decoration; Crutches and a bicycle

Droim an Uain has a Snowy Christmas; does a video of an assisted twist short longdraw

Dublin Knit Collective wishes everyone a happy Christmas; introduces the 2011 Dublin Knit Collective Sock Club; wishes everyone a happy new year; meets in the National Library Cafe; talks about the Wednesday night meetup; the Saturday Meetup Decision

Duilleoga finds that Christmas approaches suddenly

Etsy Ireland welcomes new members; wishes everyone a happy Christmas; has a festive five on Friday; talks about leaving behind 2010; talks about New Year Resolutions; searching your own shop and a Fab Five on Friday

FlyAlong makes some fingerless Gloves

From sheep to Shawl mentions the Solstice

Half a Dream away photographs a Christmas Tree Star; promotes her Calendar; has coffee and Malabrigo and a stone heart

Handcrafted by Lilly Smuul talks about putting a zip into a handknit garment and does some neck-warmers and scarves

Handmaiden of Adonai reviews 2010 and about downsizing her wardrobe

Herborium sees Green in the Quakers Garden and a hedgerow in Winter

Hollytron diagrams her process; has a painterly moment and paints a Belle of the Ball

Irish Muses has fun with some Mug Rugs and Irish Desert Recipies; packages arrive and a purse made; has a giveaway (closed Dec 30th); talks about the day following being Christmas Eve; wishes everyone a happy Christmas; talks about a happy Christmas and about winning; and another win; talks about watercolour journaling; a second watercolour journaling entry; announces a winner for her surprise Irish Giveaway; wishes everyone a Happy New Year and reviews the year; nominates her January Star; announces a winner for the earlier competition; does a second part of her January Star; does more entries in her Native American Watercolour Journaling; does a cowboy watercolour and receives a Christmas star block; has news, a giveaway and an Irish Coffee Wallhanging; mentions a giveaway; announces another winner

Kay B’s All Things Beautiful has a Kenzolicious finish; talks about winter and wishes everyone a happy Christmas

Kersti tweets her week one
; Tweet week two; Tweet Week Three; tweet week four; says hello to 2011; says goodbye to her George Forman grill; links to a Pork and Chive Dumpling Recipe and a surprised Kitty video

Kizuta visits Germany and returns

Knitting Neels wishes everyone a Happy New Year and gets some knitting done over the holidays

Knit Inc plods along with Christmas Knitting; finishes in time; Inspires a WIP Down; finishes the first one; finishes the second WIP and does a year end review; Production increases and publishes her first pattern: the Howth Vest

Laura Eliason shows off some of the items she had for sale at the Christmas Market

Limerick Live starts getting ready for Christmas; wishes a happy Christmas; talks about Christmas and celebrations; says goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011

Margie Loves Wool wishes everyone Merry Christmas; photographs her Christmas morning; Christmas Evening; has a cupcake Christmas; congratulates a couple of graduates; wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Miss Aine has more snow; announces that it’s a boy; has an afternoon of crafting; wishes everyone a Merry Christmas; makes some Christmas Snowballs; finishes a knitted couple; has pictures from the wedding; links to some Christmas Books Presents and makes a balloon Doll

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland wishes everyone a happy Christmas; goes from white to green overnight; starts a series of photographs of her new spinning wheel; spinning wheel 2; spinning wheel 3; spinning wheel 4; spinning wheel 5; talks meds and spinning steps; hopes people enjoy New Years Eve and wishes them a Happy New Year and talks about Little Christmas

Morg Today has a cosy Christmas Sunday; more shopping and frozen sinks; has broken Broadband and bargain buys; is very cold; wraps and gets a robin; wishes Happy Christmas from the O’Briens; has a miracle on 22nd Street; links to Jonsi’s “Sticks and Stones” video; talks about Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; Christmas Day Dinner; Christmas Nightand is listening to Regina Spektor

Ms Walsh has good intentions

Neens Crochet wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a stitching new year; Neens Week Part 1 : Handmade Gifts; is a lean mean crafting machine and announces a blog facelift

NicKnits finishes an Iceling; shows off more of the Iceling; and makes another one and a cowl and finishes the neckwarmer

Pippablue talks about keeping warm this christmas and about some of their New Year Craft Classes

Playing with Fibre is still knitting and does some baking

Rubysasha gets the Elizabeth Zimmermann bug and end of year knitting

Sheknitupthatball wishes everyone a happy New Year; makes a Hat; a violet hug and a cabled scarf

Skuldmakes stuff felt the Craft Love and gets some spinning in

Springstitches makes a handknit baby beanie; a Loganberry Fairisle hat and talks about handmade baby gifts

Springwools offers a desktop wallpaper (the direct link didn’t work on my machine!)

Starving Artist Ink posts pictures 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55; talks about nonsense; Lactivist; memorable; makes merry; nonsense part II; nonsense part III; puts down some simple goals; Part Four; nonsense part IV; powerful flaws

Stitchlily wishes everyone a Happy New Year; updates on the film job

Stolen Stitches talks about Christmas Snow; launches her Nepal Wrap; launches Carrageen and adds some modifications

The Bohomama wishes everyone Happy Christmas

The Misadventures of Gaiety Girl’s life is beginning to calm down; cardigan is kicking her ass; and has plans

The Nest does a Rainbow Doll Giveaway; introduces Rainbow Baby; readies the Rainbow Baby to go; celebrates the Winter Solstice; Advent day 22; advent day 23; advent day 24; captures a photographic Landscape; painted landscape; experimental landscape; is profound; works on the Chicken Beast; sees new growth; offers pages from a sketchbook; talks about an old bridge; shows the nest; finishes a belated Christmas Gift; makes some January Jam and gets some thoughtful gifts

The Siegel Six has several updates

Things that Strike me talks about people being nice; has some hairpin lace success; rereads Thud by Terry Pratchett; talks about learning to live with the unfamiliar; talks about the Christmas Tree; Worms Defence; climbing mountains of pain; on what we want from our universities; five people to follow on Twitter; advice for Estate Agents; the year in review; alternative lists and stuff; Arizona; knitting versus crochet

This is Knit feature the Squshya Cowl

Thread Bear’s Picnic talks about being burned out by Christmas and about a gift to herself for Christmas

Timothy Dowling shows off some knitted stuff

Undermeoxter reviews her year; talks about the use of twitter; finds consequences of the WIPdown; finishes a few items

Valentina’s Room has some notes on a non-blogging year

Where there’s a Wool does a hand-made gift tag tutorial; works on her blog; features in the Irish Examiner; talks about lessons in goodwill; Glinda of Oz; has a Christmas Tease; has some how to crochet beginner stitches; has a New Year’s Resolution; talks about Maria in the Sound of Music and talks about Nollaig na mBan

Winona Queen talks about letting it snow

Wirewrapped has a ceramic wire wrapped pendant; a lepiolite donut pendant; how she keeps the wrapping neat; some donut pendants; a steampunk heart with a key; lava and turquoise freeform; tiny turquoise earrings; steampink heart; first daily deviation; subscribing to a post a day for 2011; an attempt at symmetry; more labradorite; gothic Lava heart; another turquoise donut; valentine pendants; some new beads and more valentine pendants

Woollybits participates in a scarf exchange; has too much white; wishes everyone a Happy Christmas; gets new books; hopes that things are returning to normal; is waiting for post; finishes an advent KAL; talks about a new year and new projects

Woolly Way of Ireland wishes everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year; Winnie’s Craft Cafe has some classes; posts the Redress schedule; a one day quilting workshop in Killarney

Yarnboi posts about some done and dusted projects; first projects of the year; third project of the year and fourth project